How to design your shirt

Following are a few basic tips to get started with designing your own shirt. You can also use your own design software or to create your design and simply upload the completed image ready for printing.

* We accept the following file formats: GIF, PNG and JPG and we recommend your files are at least 150-200dpi (file sizes are usually at least 1mb). Our minimum upload file size is 100kb and our maximum is 10mb. We don't accept files smaller than 100kb as these would likely result in a blurry, pixilated graphic. If you have issues uploading your artwork to our Shirt Designer, you can email it to us at and we will convert it to a format that is compatible with the Shirt Designer.

Step 1. Choose Your Shirt

Step 2. Add Art, Upload Image and Edit Your Design.

Step 3. Choose Your Shirt Colour and Sizes

Step 4. Once you have finished your design you can save, share, download.

Step 5. Go to check out, to have your shirt printed and delivered to your door or to be picked up from our showroom.